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Whether you're looking for a styling cream that can define your curls or provide your straight hair with a natural, messy look, Fifty Fifty For Curly Icon is the perfect product for you. This light-hold styling cream is suitable for all hair types and will help enhance your natural texture without leaving your hair feeling heavy. In addition to its styling capabilities, this deeply nourishing and moisturizing formula will help keep your hair healthy and hydrated with continued use. Say goodbye to harsh aromas - this styling cream is made without any overpowering scents, making it perfect for everyday use. Whether you want polished, defined curls or effortless, natural-looking waves, Fifty Fifty For Curly Icon has got you covered.

Fifty Fifty For Curly Icon

SKU: 424725826204
  • - Cream formula allows for natural, messy styles

    - Defines, hydrates, nourishes, and restores curls

    - Suitable for styling all hair types

    - No harsh aromas

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